Bridget Schuch

Owner of Gratitude Yoga Studio


Although Bridget had been active all her life she didn’t really become passionate about physical activity and working with other people in fitness until she started working out with a trainer herself. Bridget began to feel so much stronger and capable in her own body that she wanted to give that same feeling to other people. She became an ACE- Certified Personal Trainer in May of 2013 and began working with a wide variety of clients. Then in December of 2013 she went to Seattle, WA for the YogaFit Level 1 training to teach yoga. It was there that she FELL IN LOVE WITH YOGA! Since then she has been working toward completing her RYT-200hr Yoga Teacher Registration. In February of 2016 she took on the goal of getting her Pilates certification, which she completed with Power Pilates in March.

Along her journey she has evolved as an individual and hopes that through her own personal growth she can guide people on their own journey. Part of this evolution for her has been to re-frame how she views her  body in relation to food and exercise.  Food and body trust was an area that she had to work through in order to establish true balance in her life.  Again, this had such a profound impact on her personal growth that she studied to earn her Intuitive Eating Coach Certification.

Through Yoga, Personal Training and Intuitive Eating Bridget has found harmony and balance in her life that she strives to model and pass on to her clients in the capacity that they desire. Only the individual knows what it feels like to be in their body, only they get to decide their capacity to change. Bridget hopes that she can give her clients the guidance and support they need to reach the places they are going.