New to Yoga?

Welcome to Gratitude

Yoga and Movement Space
For many people trying something new comes with excitement and nervousness. We hear all the time at Gratitude Yoga that people are nervous about starting a Yoga practice and we want you to know that your not alone! We understand that coming into a new environment, learning a new way to move your body and maybe not knowing what Yoga/Pilates or strength training is all about comes with mixed emotions. We want you to have a good experience each time you come to us weather it's your first time or you come every day.

Complimentary Consultation

To support you in getting started we are available to give complimentary 20 min consultations. This can include a phone conversation or we can meet in person at the studio. Doing a complimentary studio tour can be just what you need to help ease the nerves. You will see exactly what the set-up is, how you will be greeted when you come in the door, where the restrooms are and you get a chance to ask any questions you have. Let us give you a great first studio experience!

New Member Discount

Our New Member Discount includes 20 consecutive days of unlimited Yoga and Pilates for only $20. That way you get a full 20 days to try all the classes you want to get a feel for what you enjoy. If you are looking for strength training, the same offer applies for a complimentary consultation as well as a complimentary first group session, to ask questions and find out which class/training would be best suited for you and your movement journey!

See you in Class!

When you are ready to jump in and get started you are welcome to attend any class you would like, no need to sign up. Arrive 10 min early to your first class to fill out a participation waiver and your all set! If you have your own mat your welcome to bring it, otherwise we have mats available as well any other prop you will need during that specific class.