Intuitive Eating

Provided By Food and Body Trust Coach – Bridget Schuch

Intuitive Eating could be considered a radical idea. Weight loss is put on the back burner while coming to a place of feeling body neutral is encouraged. From this place of body neutrality and with weight loss moved to the background individuals are able to explore how food impacts their thoughts, feeling and emotions. As well as how over time the individual may have lost themselves in their battle against weight and exercise. Through the Intuitive Eating process Ten Principles are explored (read about them now at the following link: as Food and Body Trust are re-gained in the individuals life.

Bridget offers an environment that supports gentle curiosity as she explores challenging topics with her clients. From her own personal experience Bridget understands how deep our emotional lives travel when it come to how we eat, why we eat and how we feel about what we eat. Bridget found through her own journey the profound impact that food and exercise plays in our lives and how important it is to re-gain and re-learn how to trust our bodies natural ability to regulate hunger, appetite and weight.

If you are interested in exploring the topic of Intuitive Eating and evaluating how it could assist you in your life please contact Bridget for a complimentary 20min sessions. Please also feel free to explore the Intuitive Eating website or contact Bridget with specific questions.