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Join Gratitude Yoga Space owner Bridget as she shares her journey and wisdom

Here Bridget will share moments of her personal wellness and movement journey, as well as wisdom on how we can change the lens through which we process our current times and unique situations.

Please visit our classes page to learn about the movement courses we currently offer. We are always happy to hear from our community. If you would like to register for classes please call Bridget at 503-409-6273. We can also be reached by email or by filling out the form on our contact page.

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Heart Centered Embodiment

Our Way Forward in a Time of Collective Hurt But What Can I Do? Many of us, myself included, are wondering right now at this time in history: but what can I do? We are watching the world, our world,

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Letting go, surrendering, letting be… You decide how you would like to phrase it but either way it’s easier said then done! To surrender to the processes of growth to the process of change is a BIG DEAL! I often

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Body Neutral – Think About It!

Gratitude Yoga is a space that grew out of my very own personal fitness story. If you have read my previous blogs than you know my story. In short (you can always go back to read the full version) I

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New Years Resolution

Do you feel yourself being pulled towards setting a weight or food related New Years Resolution for 2016? No doubt that  we may find ourselves feeling a little fuller because of all the extra we eat during the holiday season, but when

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Meaningful Movement

I recently started using the term “meaningful movement” in my Yoga classes. My goal in doing this is to bring a new layer of meaning to our practice. When we move in a meaningful way we are feeling, noticing, being

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Word of the Week: Affirmation

Now that things have settled down a bit and I have been able to establish a new routine I am excited to start doing some of the fun things I’ve been putting off because I was opening a business…. A

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