Gratitude means
Thanks and Appreciation
Located in Silverton Oregon, Gratitude Yoga offers classes in Yoga, Pilates and Personal Training.

Gratitude Yoga and Movmenent Space, LLC is a Yoga, Pilates and Fitness studio. However, we decided to refer to it as a “Movement Space” rather than a “Fitness Studio” for a few significate reasons.

We understand that words are powerful and carry strong meaning (for different reasons for different people). Words have the ability to trigger us emotionally. Unfortunately, the word “exercise” can be an emotional trigger for people. Maybe you are someone who has “exercised” your whole life but never enjoyed it or maybe you are someone who has always thought they “should exercise” but never found that “motivation” or “discipline” to do it. Instead of exercising, we encourage people to MOVE their bodies and to find JOY and CONNECTION in the way they move.

We want to move away from the model that exercise is something that you do to punish yourself because of what you ate or didn’t eat or that we must feel guilt or shame if you don’t exercise. We want people in all bodies to find whatever MOVES them! Therefore, the term MOVEMENT seemed a more appropriate term to describe what Gratitude Yoga is about.

The word SPACE is even more important, because at Gratitude we HOLD SPACE for YOU! We ENCOURAGE YOU to find your own path and to hold space for yourself when you are able to but we know personal growth is hard work and being someplace that holds space for you can mean the difference between coming to class or not. We wanted to create a community feeling, in which you feel safe opening your heart when you step on your mat, a space that when you feel vulnerable you know that it’s okay because others are probably also feeling that same way. A space we all share and move in together while we each have our own experience and each of those experiences are honored.

We encourage MOVEMENT for the Mind, Body and Spirit and we know that Sacred Space is key to movement. Join us sometime so we can compassionately Hold Space for You!

Grateful Instructors

All of us at Gratitude Yoga have a journey that has brought us together in this space, because of this we understand the need for a community to have a safe, supportive place for individuals to explore their own journey through movement. We come together in the space to practice breath and movement but we each have our very own experience in doing so.
Bridget Schuch

Bridget Schuch

Owner of Gratitude Yoga Studio