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For many people trying something new comes with excitement and nervousness. We hear all the time at our yoga studio that people are nervous about starting a Yoga practice. You are not alone! If you have any questions for us please contact us at any time, we are always here for you.

We understand that coming into a new environment, and learning a new way to move your body comes with mixed emotions. Maybe you don’t know what Yoga/Pilates or strength training is all about. We want you to have a good experience each time you visit our yoga studio in Silverton, OR.

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A note from Gratitude Yoga Owner Bridget

Gratitude Yoga owner Bridget smiling at viewer wearing a diamond patterned summer top
"All of us at Gratitude Yoga have a journey that has brought us together in this space, because of this we understand the need for a community to have a safe, supportive place for individuals to explore their own journey through movement.
We come together in the space to practice breath and movement but we each have our very own experience in doing so."
Bridget Pullen-Schuch
Founder, Instructor

Join us at our Silverton, OR Yoga Studio

We are always excited to see new people in our space and to continue working with long-time clients. Here at Gratitude Yoga we always strive to create a welcoming environment that is supportive and inclusive of all bodies and abilities. 

Our schedule has our current list of classes and events. If you have any further questions please visit the contact page to call or email.

Nurturing and Motivating

"We love Gratitude Yoga. Yoga nurtures and stretches us physically, mentally, and spiritually. Strong Movement has helped us increase our strength and endurance and the classes are fun and invigorating. Pilates keeps our core strong. But most importantly we have a dedicated leader, Bridget, who motivates and inspires us to be better in all facets of our life."
Bill and Sherry H.
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