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Heart Centered Embodiment

Our Way Forward in a Time of Collective Hurt

But What Can I Do?

Many of us, myself included, are wondering right now at this time in history: but what can I do? We are watching the world, our world, change around us. While we can chose to act through our power to vote, using our right to free speech and choosing the people we spend time with we can still at times feel like we are being tossed in the wind. What can I do that would really make a difference? I would like to offer you the option to work on your own healing because this IS what the world needs right now. Every single person is capable of tapping into their own healing power. This starts with getting to know yourself better. Not because you must change or are doing anything wrong…. exactly the opposite…. because you love yourself so deeply that you want to find better ways to live the life you want. All of this starts by “Living a More Embodied Life.” Curious? Read on to find out why we are feeling the pressure to do something different at this time and how your commitment to your own healing is actually the answer to healing the collective.

The In-Between

Fear, anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness, anger, confusion. We have all been experiencing some or all of these emotions over the course of this year. Everyone, everywhere in the world right now is experiencing this. It feels challenging to feel hopeful, to find joy and find focus for what it is you want to really be doing/feeling. This is because right now we are collectively going through an especially important transition. In these places of immense transition and transformation we experience confusion. This is caused because what was, is no longer working and what will be, is not yet established. We feel like we cannot keep our feet on the ground, we can’t move forward in the way we wish because of all the disruptions to our “normal” way of living. This creates deep FEAR to rise to the surface. It is the acting out of this fear that we see violence begin to surface. Deep down we are all afraid of losing our “way of life.” If you feel someone or something else is trying to take away your “way of life” fear comes to the surface. That is precisely what is happening at this juncture in time. Our very existence is being re-organized before our eyes and that is SCARY. Please don’t think that this is only happening to you because you believe such and such… no matter what side of the fence you are on your core beliefs are being threatened right now. We are in the “In Between” right now. We cannot hold on to what worked in the past because that is gone and yet we have no grip on the future either. We are a scared little kid in the middle of the monkey bars, hanging on for dear life, we can’t turn around (it’s not an option to go back) and yet we are struggling to see the end and aren’t sure how much longer we can hold on here in the middle. We could let go and land on the ground but right now that seems just as scary as continuing. We are fatigued, confused and frozen. Close your eyes, take a deep breath….. do you see,feel,hear that little kid inside of you? Wondering why no on is coming to grab onto your legs and help you to the end or even better just help you down…. Anyone? A little help please……..

The Power Struggle

When we are in the In-Between there is most definitely a power struggle ensuing. We aren’t ready to let go of the way it use to be. The way it use to be could have been working great for us. This creates anger, doubt and confusion. On the other end of these emotions is resistance. A wall of resistance, that prevents us from moving forward. Resistance says “I am angry that the old way no longer works and therefore I am not interested in what I could do differently to help ease the anger, fear and anxiety, I am not interested in knowing how something new could work or how I might do something different.” All the while our anxiety kicks up, we lose sleep, we speak and act from a place of fear and our health and everyday life is affected. Again, we find ourselves in the middle of the monkey bars asking maybe even begging, crying for someone to do something or help us in some way. The power struggle ensues.

This internal power struggle is happening to everyone. The real power comes in our ability to see that the only thing we can control is how we act, take care of ourselves and what energy we offer the collective. The struggle we see happening before our eyes is a reflection of the struggle happening within each of us. This is supposed to be happening…. it is for our growth and evolution. It hurts, it’s confusing and we don’t much like it. We feel we’ve been abandoned. Remember that scared little kid in the middle of the monkey bars….. that kid feels abandoned, that hurts. The choice is to hold on with all you’ve got, even so what you are holding onto might not be ideal, but it’s better than falling or some might think. It is their way of saying “I am so scared of losing my way of life I am holding on for dear life to what is left of it.” The thing is though, that even if you hold on for dear life, something sometime at some point is going to come along and rip your hands off the monkey bars and you will fall so hard on the ground that you won’t know what hit you. That is what is happening in the collective. One political upheaval, one natural disaster, one global outbreak at a time. Piece by piece the old way is being dismantled. What will be the new way? We can’t know right now, nor how long it will take to get there. But there is a way that we can take back our lives.

Another Way Forward

The way forward starts with taking responsibility for yourself. Hanging there in the middle of the monkey bars, your choices are limited. 1) you could hang there and cry for help 2) you could hang there and get more and more upset that you’ve been abandoned 3) you could power your way to the end (although your likely to make yourself sick along the way) 4) you could let go and trust that you will land on your feet. All of these options are yours to make and no one can judge you for your choice. However, if you want to take yourself out of the cycle you now feel caught in, option 4 is your best bet. The truth is that sometimes letting go is the BRAVEST thing you can do. This does not mean that you shouldn’t stand up for what you believe is right, this does not mean that you shouldn’t live the life you want. What it does mean is that you are taking back your life. You are taking full responsibility for yourself and within that brings real power. I myself have been going through this process for awhile now but it really kicked into high gear when quarantine started I began to fear losing my way of life. I went into victim mode, I spiraled into the collective fear and I began to see the internal power struggle raging on inside of myself. Through my own experiences I have a desire to help you pave a new way forward.


I would like to start offering six week course to dive deeper into how you can be your own “Rescuer.” When you find yourself dangling there in the middle of the monkey bars, scared and feeling abandoned, I want you to be able to reach inside yourself and find all the tools you need to release your grip and trust that it’s okay to let go. The first and most important step to doing that is to make a connection within yourself. This is called Embodiment. Living embodied means learning to listen to your body and respond with loving heart-centered compassion. Taking responsibility for your feelings, befriending yourself and finding the courage and power within to rescue yourself.

I believe that we all have the innate capacity to bring about healing within ourselves. This does not mean beating ourselves up for what we perceive are our shortcomings. This means that we acknowledge the places in ourselves that have been hurt (it is after all the collective hurt that is working to be healed at this time) and we touch those places with loving compassion. We bring tenderness to our wounds and in the process, we bring more and more light into ourselves. As more and more individuals raise their vibration it creates a wave through the collective. Please read this carefully: Healing the collective starts with you. It starts with your own healing. Each person healing is a drop of rain, all of the raindrops create a puddle and all the puddles merge to create the ocean and the ocean of collective healing creates a wave. The wave is our only chance at truly healing the collective, but the wave can’t existence without your single individual raindrop. This is how you make a difference right here in this time of history. You heal yourself. And I want to show you how to cultivate the tools you have within yourself for the healing process to unfold.

The first six week course I am offering is “Heart Centered Embodiment.” Each week you will be e-mailed a word document with a short explanation of that weeks focus with journal prompts to take you deeper if you wish to, we will also met each week for a group embodiment session via zoom, if you can’t join the zoom session live that is alight because I will also send the embodiment session in an audio file for you to listen to as often as you would like. At the end of each zoom session there will an opportunity to ask questions or share your experience.  If you’ve never used zoom before, not to worry, it’s easy and user friendly. If you are interested in diving in and finding your own resilience please see the outline and how you can sign up below.

Thank you taking the time to read this blog, I wish you the gift of self-healing, peace and contentment.

Love and Gratitude,


Heart Centered Embodiment

“Six week dive into the Body for deeper self-connection and compassion”

October 12th – November 20th

Receive email with weekly focus and journal prompts ever Monday

Meet via ZOOM for weekly Embodiment Practice Wednesdays 11:30 – 12pm, with time at answer questions at the end of each session

$47 for all 6 weeks, that is $8 a week to take a substantial step toward living a more peaceful life (regardless of what is happening around you)

Everyone will receive an audio recording of the Embodiment Practice via email Wednesday afternoon, you can use this instead of attending the live ZOOM sessions or use it to re-listen to the practice as often as you would like, even after the six weeks is up.

After each ZOOM session there will be time to ask questions or share experiences. If you have something you would like to ask or share but don’t feel comfortable sharing yourself, send it to me by email and I will be happy to share it or answer the questions for you.

Each week you will receive a very digestible amount of information to spur your own self inquire into that week’s focus. The Group Embodiment Session will re-enforce this information giving you a practical easy application to see and feel results in your life.

Week 1: Moving from Head to Heart

Week 2: Tapping into the Power of Choice

Week 3: Feelings: I see you, I hear you, I feel you

Week 4: Hello Body: Let’s Re-connect

Week 5: Embodied Movement

Week 6: Putting it all together

Sign Up by contacting Bridget: Text or Call 503-409-6273 / Email

Please send me your name and email address

Once you have contacted me you will receive a link to make the payment

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