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Body Neutral – Think About It!

Gratitude Yoga is a space that grew out of my very own personal fitness story. If you have read my previous blogs than you know my story. In short (you can always go back to read the full version) I went through a time in my life where my relationship with food and exercise had harmful emotional and physical effects on me. It’s not that the exercises’ I was doing  were unsafe or that I was on extreme diets but my relationship to WHY and HOW I ate and exercised was way out of balance. Through this process this is what I have discovered and why I would like to introduce myself as a Body Neutral Personal Trainer and Gratitude Yoga as a Body Neutral Space:

1- Food is important! But not in the way that you may be use to hearing from people in the fitness industry. Rather it is important to understand how and why you chose to eat the way you do. This isn’t always simple and takes courage to look at.

2- Exercise is Important! It is important to take your body into consideration, on many levels including when was the last time you exercised and how long was that sustained? Using exercise (which I prefer to call movement) to work with your body instead of against it. Finding the right intensity of movement can be all the difference to your body being able to sustain your favorite movements or causing injuries in your body. At Gratitude Yoga I am encouraging a shift from exercise for fast results to movement that encourages being mindful, purposeful and joyful. To many people this may sound like glitter and rainbow talk, like my head is in the clouds. But I am not backing down from this shift in perspective because I know it changes lives.

3- Being body neutral is important! Have you ever been told “you look great, embrace your curves” or something similar and you thought to yourself “that’s easy for you to say”. I useto feel that it was important to be body positive, accept what you have without fail, even on the bad days! But I now understand that there are many days or minutes throughout our day that this seems painfully impossible, it seems more damaging than good. That’s why I would like to encourage being body neutral, you don’t have to like it but it will be healthier for you if you don’t hate on it either. Finding a middle ground that makes space for compassion and growth towards positivity (on most days) is possible by starting from a place a neutrality.

4- The environment you are in is important! Chose a space to be that supports your desires for health and healing. And choose based on what is good for you in your here and now body. The body you house at this very time, not the body you want to live in or the body you think you use to have. YOUR HERE and NOW BODY. If you chose Gratitude Yoga this is what I hope you will find: Gratitude Yoga is a space to explore your body in various movement ways, you will find an atmosphere without competition and our teachers will encourage you to also put aside any internal competition, you will be encouraged to not only bring movement to your body but also to your mind (through breath and inner awareness). There are MANY different levels of classes offered at Gratitude and we can assist you in finding the best place for you to start. I am even willing to meet with you one on one to discuss what could be best for your body.

All of these things come together to create the bigger picture of how you view your body and none of it has to do with anyone but you determining how you feel in your body. I am a Food and Body Trust coach who encourages being Body Neutral. This means that I am here as your guide (as are the other teachers in this space) to hold a space for you to explore your own body to the capacity that you chose. I am not against weight loss or for weight loss; I want to encourage shifting the perspective away from weight and bringing the focus to movement, self-compassion and inner awareness. My priority is to guide individuals through the process of self discovery allowing them to establish a respectful loving relationship with their body. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about me or with questions you may have about yourself. .

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