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Word of the Week: Affirmation

Now that things have settled down a bit and I have been able to establish a new routine I am excited to start doing some of the fun things I’ve been putting off because I was opening a business…. A BUSINESS! Crazy and insane but just crazy and insane enough to work! One of the ways that I was able to manifest this business was through positive affirmations. They started with me and affirmations about myself, if you’ve read previous blogs then you are familiar with the “pessimistic – downer self talk” that I use to engage in. However, when I started to change my frame of mind to being one of positivity, things started to change for me and my life started to take on a new direction.  I started with self-growth and over time that growth took off in many parts of my life.

One of the fun things I’ve wanted to bring to my yoga practice is a Word of the Week (WOW).  A word that could be used to guide that weeks yoga classes and the things I am able to bring to a class. I decided that because positive affirmations were such a game changer for me that I would start at the beginning of the alphabet for my first WOW: AFFIRATMION. If you attend my yoga classes then you will get to hear more about the Word of the Week in class and if not you can check out a brief explanation on my blog (maybe it will inspire you to come to class!). So this week’s blog is dedicated to my first WOW:

Word of the Week (WOW): AFFIRMATION

What is an affirmation? An affirmation is something that we say to ourselves that allows us to begin to shift our perspective from what is wrong or what we don’t like to what is good, positive and optimistic about our life. EVEN IF WE DON’T BELIEVE IT WHEN WE FIRST SAY IT….. We will notice that over time a perspective shift begins to happen for the better. When we are positive towards ourselves we are giving ourselves the opportunity to better access our own inner-wisdom, we give ourselves the opportunity to cultivate self-love and self-compassion.

A great example of how this can be implemented into our lives is when we look in the mirror, we can choose to pick apart all the things we don’t like or we can look ourselves directly in the eye and say “I am fabulous, I look fabulous and feel fabulous.” Maybe we don’t believe it the first few time we say it but over time our perspective shifts and when we do feel fabulous our perceived flaws begin to drift away. This is a practice! Just like I tell me yoga students every time we come to our yoga mats we are offered a chance to continue our practice. Not every day is great, some days we have to dig really deep to pull out the positive but each time we are AWARE of our negative self talk and we KNOWINGLY replace the negative with a positive we are practicing our self-compassion and increasing our access to our own inner-knowing.

During yoga when we enter into a balancing pose, we may find that our balance is off that day or our body is not very accepting of the pose itself. We have two option we can tell ourselves “well look at this I can’t even do this without shaking , that lady next to me she’s having no problem, I should be more like her, it’s because I ate that cookie last night, yep I ruined it all because I ate that cookie, I will never be able to hold this pose, I don’t even know why I keep coming” or we could say “wow this pose is challenging for my body today, I feel a little shaky but even so I feel shaky I know I am  honoring the limits of my body and maybe next time we do this pose it will be different.” See the difference? Which line of thought feels healthy and open? Which one reduces the chance for growth because it’s full of self-doubt and self-criticism?  We can only begin to grow and feel better when we act from a place of compassion towards ourselves. Will the negative still come up? Of course, but when we catch ourselves in the negative we can choose to switch gears and allow the positive to enter our thoughts.

When you come to class this week you will have the opportunity to pick out a positive affirmation card to help get the creative juices flowing. If you want to work on bringing more positive self-talk into your life you can start by taking a blank piece of paper and writing positive affirmations. Throughout the day you can remind yourself of the positive affirmations by re-reading the list or simply repeating your favorite ones in your head. Give it a try and make it your own, there is no wrong or right way to do it!

Examples of Affirmations (from Louise Hay’s “Wisdom Cards”):

I am my own unique self

I am healthy and filled with energy

I chose positive thoughts

I love and accept myself right now

I am willing to see my magnificence

I have the power to make changes

I am a loving mom and I do the best I can every day

I embrace any challenges today because I know that they will help me grow

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