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Vulnerability Brings Support and Strength

Many of you know that this last weekend I rode my first century bike ride. I am not sure what type of training could prepare you for the first time you have been on your bike for 6hrs and you know that you have at least another hour to go but what I do know, now, is that making it through that 7hrs WAS the best training for me. Because at the six hour mark, around 80miles I was done…. Physically my body hurt and mentally I was losing my ability to handle that physical pain but I did finish. 

The last 20miles of the ride happened, slowly and with lots of tears but they happened and I survived. I learned a lot about my body, my mind and my ability to push my limits. But what I didn’t expect is what I have learned in the last few days since I finished the ride.

Through my own vulnerability and transparency to others about my struggle to finish that last 20miles I have received some amazing heartfelt advice and empathy from many people. We always have a choice to sugar coat our lives and our experiences for the sake of making ourselves less vulnerable but when we make the choice to BE Vulnerable we can find ourselves occupying a space that allows other people to support us in unexpected ways. My own experience is that through my vulnerability I have actually become stronger. 

I challenge you to take the road of vulnerability next you think about sugar coating your life. Try taking the raw, real road instead and I hope that through your pain and fear you find love and strength. 

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