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Located in Silverton, Oregon, Gratitude Yoga offers classes in Yoga, Pilates and Personal Training. This movement space was created with the vision for a non-competitive environment that promotes movement of the body for all aspects of health and wellness in every way. It is a space that encourages each individual to pursue their movement journey in whatever way feels most appropriate for them. Without judgment, we want to gently guide individuals in all ranges of activities in a supportive and caring space.

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We offer a variety of classes for all ranges and mobilities.

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Our Philosophy

We offer Yoga and fitness classes for all ranges of mobility and movement – honoring each person in their movement journey – and we understand that this journey changes from day to day. Above all we want each person to find movement in their bodies that feels joyful, satisfying and supportive to their own unique needs and desires. We believe that when you listen to the messages of your body (starting with your breath) you are reminded of your own wholeness.

We encourage each individual to honor the limits of their bodies and listen to their own inner-wisdom.

-  Bridget Schuch, Owner of Gratitude Yoga Studio

Bridget Schuch
From our clients...
Megan Deede

Megan Deede, Long time student

There are so many things I want to say about this space, and the owner, Bridget.

Last summer, I called Bridget to talk to her about taking yoga, a movement I had never tried before. I had not spent too much time exercising in the past couple years, I am a fatty, and was very worried about being judged. Bridget’s space and the interactions I subsequently had with her surpassed my expectations by a mile. She dealt with me personally in a respectful, inclusive manner. I began taking a handful of private yoga lessons with her, and then approximately 3 months of two weekly appointments that I shared with another woman who Bridget felt was in a similar level of practice as I was.

Not once have I felt judged in this space, even when I participated in group Yin classes (I highly recommend!!). I loved the Yin classes because they were in the evening, and it was dark out and had low light inside, and was warm, and I felt that I was in a safe caring space, able to give my body some gentle and healing movement. With yoga, I generally have to do the modified poses, but feel that I am getting an excellent, relaxing yet renewing workout.

I stopped taking yoga classes for several months, but contacted Bridget early this Summer about doing the Intuitive Eating program with her. It is a 10 week program, with a book that you read at your own pace (a very slow pace for me personally). I cannot express how much I have benefitted from this program. Bridget is knowledgeable, compassionate, but firm when she needs to be, and very supportive, quick to point out the positive steps and progress I have been making.

I just finished my 8th meeting, and feel already that my thoughts, feelings, and attitudes about food and eating are changing very much for the better. However we do not only talk about food. Work, free-time, sleep (a big one for me), relationships, identity, and many other areas have been discussed, as they are all connected to and influenced by food and eating. I feel very safe sharing personal details with Bridget, because I know that I will not be judged or shamed (something that has seriously influenced my relationship with food).

I cannot recommend Bridget and her space enough for a positive healing and gentle (for me) exercise environment. She is a wonderful person, instructor, and intuitive eating guide, and I hope Gratitude is open to our community for many years to come.

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